Project for Small Farmers Co Operative Society.

Gift Of Education And HealthGift Of Education And HealthGift Of Education And Health

we are looking for Sponsors

A Tractor and Implements. $ 22,000
A Mini Truck , $ 8000
Small Dairy farm with 50 cows or Buffaloes, $ 50,000 ( each Cow $ 1000 )
And all the below are cost about $ 25000
Small poultry Farm with 10,000 Birds Chickens, 500 Rabbits, 300 Goats, Small Fish pound.
Two Bore wells and Pump sets, Water Tanks etc
One Computer with printer
Generator, Solar lights

By this we can help about 30 Villages and some hundreds of families. All your Donations are Tax Exempted.

Farmers committing suicide in India can be stopped

Since many years small farmers are leaving villages and moving to big cities for jobs as construction and other daily wage laborers. For a construction or any laborer it is very hard to live in big cities. life is very hard for many reasons. They live in the over crowded slums with no basic facilities. In India from the beginning big landlords have an upper hand and they do not allow small farmers to survive in Villages. They some how take over the lands of small farmers. These small farmers mostly belong to lower caste in the society, they do not have any voice or respect and support. They are helpless and so they migrate to big slums.Their children suffer from lack of education and all other childhood needs. When they grow big they turn as laborers or as anti social elements in the society.

Keeping this in mind we want to start a Small Farmers Co-operative Society to uplift and give respect to these downtrodden people. With small fields they can earn good income for their livelihood. They now follow traditional agriculture. With this co operative society we can help them to go for modern farming like Horticulture, Floriculture, Dairy Farming, Animal husbandry with latest technology, growing Vegetables,Fruits,Flowers,raring cows,chickens,Rabbits,Goats,etc.

These are all short term crops and are in very good demand in the market as daily necessities and commodities. Also we provide some training for cottage industry for extra income. We provide education for their children in the same village. Also provide basic health care. By this they can earn well and live a good and respected life in the same Village.