Our Vision


Gift of Education and Health Charitable Foundation Having Great Vision. To upgrading of schools from local state language to English Medium, To Provide Free books and uniforms, To Provide clean drinking water, To Provide toilets, To Provide sanitary napkins for girls in schools and collages,  Scholarships for deserving students, Solar lights as many villages do not have electricity in India, Other Projects like conducting Free village Medical, Dental, Vision Camps, Provide Protein Food for Poor Pregnant women & children, Supporting Orphanages,  Devadasi Projects,  Empowerment of the Women (Free training & Job Placement) Take Steps to Prevent Farmers Suicides, Providing Cows (Gomatha Kamadhenu) to make extra income as former's are suffering from heavy losses and committing suicides.  Support to  Free Old Age Homes ( Vrudhashram )  donors names will be written on the buildings,water tanks,toilets,vehicles,etc Read More

Gift-Of-Education and health Mark-Pandit-CEO